March 9, 2016

Global Youth Festival 2016

Summer is getting closer, the sun is getting warmer, and Global Youth Festival 2016 is just around the corner! Powered by AIESEC UST, this 2-day festival will happen on April 1-2, 2016 at the Tan Yan Kee parking lot!

Celebrate & have the time of your life under the sun with different booths, activities, and talks all focused on YOUth!
Unleash your leadership potential and be a global citizen with these days filled with fun, laughter, music, and learning!

This is open for Thomasians and non-Thomasians! So invite your friends and experience this adventure on a whole other level! Travel the world in just a day and make it with a purpose. Make sure to drop by AIESEC UST's 2-day festival! I am urging you guys to come and have fun!
Make new memories and make it worthwhile.

For more details, like our page:
Follow us on twitter: @USTGYF2016
See you guys there!
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April 15, 2015

Tips for UST Freshies

If you've been accepted to UST, congratulations! Welcome to the pontifical catholic university in the Philippines! Now, it's been almost a year since I've been accepted in this glorious school; I'm going to share some tips for you, freshmen, how to rock your first year, what to do, what not to do, and simply enjoy your stay in  UST!

#1: Usually on the first day, the whole class is silent. They're all shy to make the first move. If I were you, say hello to them. You will make friends in no time!
#2: DO NOT, I repeat, do not forget your registration form! It serves as your ID on the first few weeks of school. It's the paper receipt you get once you've enrolled. It has your subjects and schedules written on it.
#3: Always have a 1x1 and 2x2 picture of yourself. The professor usually asks for it.
#4: Be open to join organizations. Either university-wide or in your college, join a club! Don't be afraid to socialize.
#5: Join clubs/organizations, but not TOO many. Prioritize academics first. (unless, you can handle it)
#6: Be not afraid to express yourself. You are now in college, and it's a place of being yourself and letting loose! If people will judge, let 'em hate!
#7: For incoming AB students: if you're an AB student, like myself here, you are in for a treat! We are the college of liberal arts; we express ourselves through everything! Our voices, our protests, and even our hairs! We're known to be too loud, but be proud to be an Artlet! 
#8: I know you will love this. Our school events!!! We have one every month, I think? We have dance competitions, singing competitions, pageants, awards night, welcome parties, and of course, PASKUHAN! Attend as much as you want! 
#9: If you're lost, don't be afraid to ask directions. Because let's face it, UST is such a big place. On my first week, I got lost and ended up running around in circles. .
#10: There are SOOOOO MAAAANNNYYYY places to eat around UST! Explore and discover! (If you want to know a good place to eat, comment below.)
#11: On your first week, you will experience the Thomasian Welcome Walk. It's a tradition in UST that welcomes the freshmen and they will get to go under the Arc of the Centuries. You will feel the Thomasian feels once you go under and the UST Yellow Jackets are cheering "GO USTe!" Embrace the fact that you're a Thomasian now.
#12: Again on the Thomasian Welcome Walk, you can't really predict the weather. Before my batch, it always rains, but my batch "broke" that curse; we were the first batch to go under the arc without any drop of water. So be ready!
#13: Speaking of unpredictable weather, you need to ALWAYS have your trusted weapons; umbrella, flipflops, and a fan. (optional: sunglasses) 
#14: Wear SPF everyday. Unless you want to get the weirdest tan lines; sunscreen is your new best friend.
#15: Be aware when you are commuting along UST. We know the kinds of people nowadays.
#16: One word: CARPARK. It is the place of food, it is where you park your cars, and it is where the AMV College of Accountancy is placed. 3-in-1! (located in front of UST Hospital)
#17: Best place to sleep, library! It's cold inside and it's really quiet. 
#18: If you are in a 7am class and you have a deadline on a paper you haven't printed out yet, go to Dapitan. You will see this place called "Cha Dao" near Army Navy. They are open at 6am and they print fast. 
#20. If someone approaches you and says "Hi! Would you like to buy some yemma?" That earthly being is called Ate Yemma. She's a UST graduate of nursing, and now she's taking up Masters in Business Administration in UST too. Talk about loyalty!
#21: Be not afraid to make some friends in other colleges. You can do this by attending events or being involved in an organization.
#22: UST is very diverse when it comes to students. We have rich, we have scholars, we have Catholics, we have born-again Christians, we have Muslims, we have atheists, we have Koreans, we have Iranians, etc! Be open-minded.
#23:As I said before, you will hear the UST Yellow Jackets cheer "GO USTe!" thousands of times and you will not get sick of it. In your Baccalaureate Mass, they will make an appearance and will teach you the UST cheers that is always heard in UAAP games. If you see bald guys with drums, that's them.

#24: In your 1st semester, UST will have an event called "Recruitment 101." That's where the university-wide organizations will be holding their booths. You can sign up and be a member. 
#25: TYK means Tan Yan Kee building.
Image result for Tan Yan Kee building UST
#26: For the AB babies: you will be mistaken as a high school student A LOT because of our uniform. Just suck it up and wait till the IDs are distributed.
#27: For the CTHM baby girls: You will be required to wear high heels. If you're used to wearing heels, good! If not, condolence. Lol just kidding. But you will get tired a lot so bring flats!
Image result for high heels
#28: For CFAD and Arki babies: You are the kingdom that lives far away from all the natives. But you are neighbors with CTHM and AB upper class men. Try to mingle with other colleges because I have a couple of friends from CFAD and Arki, and they said that they are the loneliest college ever. 
#29: Every student needs their books for their subjects. Do not be dismayed that you have to buy an expensive, new book. Go to facebook, and search UST Book Market. There are buyers and sellers there of books needed in the university. Just join the group, look for the books you need, inquire, and meet up with them for a barter. This is safe, I promise you. Just make sure you meet up within the campus.
#30: The Paskuhan Lights are BREATHTAKING!

#31: Lastly, just make the best out of your freshman year as a Thomasian. Be with your friends, have fun, laugh, study well, and good luck. Viva Santo Tomas!



For more questions or if you want to know some of my personal experiences, just write a comment below or message me personally along the message box to the right of this blog. Thank you!

February 14, 2015

My AYAA experience

Being a representative for the History Society in the Faculty of Arts & Letters is such an honor and a priviledge. The AYAA, or the Artlet Youth Ambassador and Ambassadress, is not an ordinary pageant. At first, I didn't want to join because I am not really into pageants. Yes, I love watching Miss Universe or Binibining Pilipinas, but I never imagined myself being a contestant. When the president of the History society messaged me on facebook saying that she wants me to join, I thought that I should give it a try. Let's back up a little. Before I entered college, I promised myself that I will take any good opportunity that comes my way. 
When I screened for the spot of being Ms. History, I didn't get my hopes up. I was this boyish girl who had no interest of becoming a beauty pageant contestant. When I got home, I just forgot all about the screening. I was listening to music, talking to my friend on Viber, then I suddenly got tagged in a facebook post congratulating me on being the 2015 Ms History. I had no response whatsoever. 

This is the time when the contestants were revealed in AB. Specifically, the press conference. We had to state our advocacies and there will be questions asked from the judges and the press. I think all of us were really nervous for this press conference, as in we were almost at our lowest point due to this nerve-wrecking event. But once we were there, the nervousness was just gone. It just vanished. 
From runway trainings, to dance choreographies, to friendship bonding; my AYAA experience has been really good. Despite my back aches and swollen feet, it's worth the pain.

This is probably most formal photoshoot ever. I had more liberation in my graduation pictorial. But it was a fun experience though! 

My favorite part of this journey is getting to know my fellow candidates and gaining new friends. I didn't feel any competition among us. They are really warm-hearted people. At first I got scared because of the pageant rumors I hear. Like the beauty contestants putting itching powder on her rival's gown. I thought it'll be like that, I was wrong. It was more like a friendship camp than a competition. I am going to miss them all so much.

This is talent night! Of course, I had to dance. I apologize for the unprofessional photo, my bra is out there. (Bra got unhooked while dancing) I danced Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey (explains the red dress)It was really fun, and I got to see my fellow candidates' talents.

Final, it's coronation day! The window is open, so is that door! I didn't know they did that anymore. Who knew we have a thousand salad plates! (Hahaha I'm kidding! Still addicted to Frozen) Standing next to these gorgeous ladies, I was like "Why am I doing here?" but focusing on the positive, I love them to death!

Unfortunately, I didn't win the title of Ms AB, but it's okay. The real prize is the friendship I gained and the experience I've encountered.
But who says that I can't wear a crown? Every girl deserves to be a queen! Okay okay, I borrowed it for Instagram purposes. Excuse my haggard face and my distorted eyebrows. I got really tired that night.
Proud of this! It's not everyday that your big face gets posted on school grounds. 
I just want to thank my friends and family who came to support me.

To my fellow candidates:
Hey guys! I already miss you all! Please keep in touch! I would never enjoy this journey without you guys. We helped each other grow, and we became each other's family. You are my new family. Congratulations to us all! We are all winners here, and we did it for our societies and most of all, God. I thank you for all the memories, from the orientation, to runway trainings, to Gulaman Avenue, to Coronation night. I love you to the moon and back. 

To my mentors (Jed, Ysa, Jan, Ate Pau, Knicole, and Dom):
I want to simply thank you all. Thank you for believing in me, for teaching me, and for not giving up on me. I hope I made you guys proud. Thank you for bringing out my feminine side when I walk and when I talk. You guys did a great job organizing this event and for giving AYAA a meaning. Not just for beauty, but also for brains and personality. Just like you guys. I love you guys very much! 

To the History Society (Quina, Jaimee, Mercury, Ate Pau etc!!!):
First, thank you for giving me a chance to compete in AYAA. I've always thought that pageants in the Philippines are for white skinned girls. I love that you chose a chocolate complexioned girl who'll represent our society. Brings out the Filipino pride. This journey opened my eyes on a lot of things, and it surely helped me grow as a person. Thank you for all your help in my advocacy, and for supporting me even though I didn't win. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Photos credits:
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