August 5, 2014

College life: part 1

Finally entered the college life, and I've got to say, it's so fun! You know back in high school, you use to say "Man, I want to experience the college life already." or "I want to graduate!" All those kinds of stuff is perfectly normal. 
So these are my classmates (gorgeous, right?) They are really cool and really fun to hang out with.

Meet Bernice! She's fun-loving, cool, and pretty!
Meet Charles! She's beautiful, tall, and super nice!
Meet Erielle! He's funny, nice, and has a killer smile!
Meet Iris! She's super cool, pretty, and nice!

Meet Angelica! She's sugar, spice, & everything nice! (and to mention; Pretty!)

 Meet Kein! The genius photographer. He's talented, nice, & creative!
(once again; photobombing!)

Left to right: Erielle, Bernice, John, and Charles

We just wanted to have an impromptu photoshoot; with our PE uniforms on! 

They see me rollin' They hatin!

It's been a couple of weeks of college, and I'm just loving it. Studying in one of the best universities and the oldest living university in Asia, University of Santo Tomas! The first week was a little tough. New school, new people, and of course, new life. I was a bit of a loner on the first week; good thing I met awesome people! In our freshmen orientation, I got chills. The UST Yellow Jackets were teaching us UST's cheers. When the UST YJ captain was cheering "Go USTe! Go USTe! Go USTe! Go go go go GO USTE!" I got tons of chills in my body that day. I never been so happy that I am a bonafide Thomasian. (click here to see the video)

Since this is a fashion blog, I'll explain what we're wearing. It's our PE uniform for Arnis; it's the national sport of the Philippines. Basically, we have 2 sticks and we hit our opponent with it. But of course, there's a little more than that. 

Photos by: Kein Cancio

July 30, 2014


I've been on the blogging hiatus for so long now! Since I started college, I've been so busy lately. Being a new member of UST AB Dance Synergy and being a junior promoter in KD Productions, it's consumes a lot of my time. Thankfully, I had a so-called photoshoot! (with a simple camera phone and a friend with amazing photography skills!) 

I did this one simple. Just a simple yet elegant dress and my magic (make-up).I wanted to blog about this dress for so long, but I gained weight before, so I would look like a fat smurf. I lost weight from my commutes to UST and the practices I had from my dance team (and I'm loving it!)

I love how the poloroid effect bounces on the color of my dress. It emphasizes the richness of royal blue. And also, the sleeves. I like it because the dress shows off my figure yet the sleeves covers my arms for more curiosity. It sexy but classy at the same time. People say I look older than my actual age. I'm only 16 years old, but I'm always mistaken as a 19 or a 20 year old. They say I talk older, I think older, and I dress older. It's fine to get a little older, but not too much. 

And of course, what's a Tiarra De Soto post without a weird photo? Here am I getting fed by my sister. LOL

Forever 21 dress

Photos by Anjenette Garcia

June 30, 2014

UST Welcome Events

Who said people from UST can't party? We'll prove them wrong! Knock Down Events & Productions in partnership with Human clothing and Zap presents you #HelloUST! It is University Santo Tomas' welcome party! 
Get your tickets now and celebrate your first week of school with a bang! Make new friends! Create exciting memories! It is open to all! Whether you're from DLSU, ADMU, UP, CSB, etc! As long you have a ticket, you are welcome to come!
Fee: P300 (entrance, food, drinks are already included)
Where: Dioresa Plaza Roofdeck,Dapitan Corner, Lacson Street. (Beside Jolibee)
When: July 18, 2014. Friday night!!!
Time: 8pm onwards
What to expect: HELLA FUN!!!

Special performances by Dj Younglife x Dj Arra Pascual with MC Marca

Buy your tickets now!!!

I have mine! Now get yours! TICKETS ARE LIMITED. 

Kindly hashtag #HelloUST and be updated with the latest news of UST's welcome party!

Order your tickets now! Click here if you want to order. Or fill up the message form on the right side of the page. :)

Oh! I almost forgot! CALLING ALL THOMASIANS! Get ready! Another KD Productions presents you #USTWelcomeFest! Happening on July 14, 2014. Yes, it's on the first day of classes! Why not celebrate your first day with us? Come now! It's free!

Where: Plaza Mayor, UST
When: July 14, 2014
Time: Not sure
What to expect: Again, HELLA FUN!!!

It is also known as....

Details will be released this week. ;)