April 1, 2014

Spice up your summer!

Summer is finally here! And some of us have just graduated! Congratulations! We've all been waiting for break after all the endless term papers and tests you have to review. Now, it's summer break and

March 3, 2014

My Last Prom

Prom is one of the nights that a girl wants to feel like a princess. The perfect dress is what the girls aim for. My all time favorite color is red, and as most of you know that I am obsessed with the show, Maria Mercedes! I bought my gown in Divisoria (a low-priced shopping mall in the Philippines) , and I got it for a reasonable price. It doesn't matter where you got it, it matters how you where it. Originally,

January 25, 2014


Imagine Neverland came to an end. It was time to leave the cocoon and emerge as an elegant butterfly. (LOL corny!) Moreztichina means "Morena", "Mestiza", and "Chinita" all in one. I am of Filipino, Chinese, Indian, and Spanish ancestry, so it kind of made sense. I was actually unsure of my last 2 blog names, and this hit me! I love it now.

Hope you guys visit it when I have new blog posts! This is my shortest blog post yet. HAHA